welcome to the past!

In the Stars season, Galaxia talks about the Sailor Wars that ripped apart many galaxies and destroyed countless planets. This sailor war of ours will be much less destructive and a lot more fun.

YOU are part of the Past, and you'll be competing against the members of the Present and the Future. Who will win? It's up to you!

information & activities

Here's where it all happens. :) Check up on team progress, submit points, earn bonuses, and play team games!

Link Type Description
About SW info Review the details of the Sailor Wars competition.
Trophy Cards info/gallery Learn about trophy cards and contribute your favorite images.
Super Collect activity How many themed decks can your team complete?
Card Chain activity Link together card names - how long can your chain become?
Forum ...forum? XD All team interaction is on the forum, including the activities. :D

prize pickup!

First Place: Team PAST (1091 points)
Annie, Azurei, Chii, Iris, Jenny, Jessy, Kearin, Kim, Kotono, Lethe, Mallory, Marie, Mariko, Maxanda, May, Michelle, Minalover, Mnemosyne, Pshaman, Ruby, suza, Syn, White
Take Trophy Cards past33 to past43 from here, plus these goodies!

Bonus for members scoring 15 points or more!
Chii, Jenny, Jessy, Kearin, Kotono, Lethe, Mallory, Mariko, Maxanda, Minalover, Mnemosyne, Pshaman, Ruby, suza, Syn, White