You keep track of your score with points, of course. :3

Points will be awarded for participating in various site activities. When you do something that's worth points, you'll automatically receive them along with your other rewards. Just add them to your trade log along with everything else, and keep a tally on your site.

diamonds are forever - points are not!

You cannot hoard points from previous rounds and submit them later.

I know it seems like a smart strategy to use if you're sure your team is falling behind, but the whole point of Sailor Wars is for a team to make an honest effort during each round of play instead of using sneaky strategy to win. So don't purposely fail one round so you can submit more points in the next.


Important! Points are only valid during the round in which you earn them! Use 'em or lose 'em!

individual points

So how do you earn points? Simple!
Each of the following accomplishments will earn points for your team!

Please note that this table is for reference only. You will receive points when you complete these activities.

action points
master a regular deck 1
enter the monthly Icon contest 1
enter the monthly Henshin contest 1
donate a set of five master badges 1
master a special deck 2
complete a stamp card 2
participate in monthly contest voting 2
complete the monthly Mini Mastery challenge 2
suggest three new card decks 2
complete the site survey 2
level up 3
donate a set of fifteen level badges 3

Please keep track of your points! You will have to submit them to your team captains on the forum. Each team has its own way of tracking points, so please read your captain's rules carefully and submit your points as required.

team points

Your team as a whole can earn points by participating in forum activities and other special stuff. You can learn more about that on the activities page. :3


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