starseed powers

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When you play games at Moonlight Legend, you'll earn cards, coupons, and Starseed Points. The cards and coupons are pretty easy to understand, but the Starseed Points aren't regular currency. You'll use them to purchase Senshi powers that will let you do special things around the site.

- Silver Starseeds are worth ONE
- Golden Starseeds are worth FIVE

Here's what they look like. =p

available powers

Rebirth and Prejoin do not have a cost and cannot be purchased. Instead, they are given automatically to members who qualify. Rebirth is for members who were part of Moonlight Legend's first run (at ANY time, even if you quit or were removed for inactivity), and prejoin is for prejoiners of THIS run. ^_^

Now that we've gotten the details out of the way, why not review the list of powers and their costs?

power description
Take all update freebies back to the oldest available news post when you rejoin. You'll also be granted prejoin status!
automatically awarded to all rejoining members
You be marked with a special star on the member list.
automatically awarded to all prejoin/rejoining members
Er, I'm still working on this one... XD
Member cards are worth one. When you learn this power, you may go back and add one point of card worth AND one stamp on your stamp card for EACH member card you already have. And, of course, all member cards you get in the future will be worth one card and one stamp.
View the puzzle images currently in use for the games - use them as a reference when assembling! Once you purchase this power, you'll get the password for the games page.
Receive one choice regular card per week! No need to comment anywhere, just log it as weekly Collection on your trade post.
Receive one choice regular coupon on top of the standard donation rewards when submitting level badges or deck images.
Your forum account will be edited to display a custom title and sprite under your avatar. When you purchase this power, send me a PM on the forum with the information. Sailor Moon sprites only, please.
Receive two free coins every week for use in the gashapon machine. See, it pays to rummage around between the couch cushions. :3
Take the supersized "freebie frenzy" package of goodies (instead of the smaller regular package) from updates. Receive double rewards from the Freebies game as well - just reload for your second helping!
Receive one choice special card every two weeks! No need to comment anywhere, just log it as biweekly Stargathering on your trade post.
Create a mini mastery deck of your five favorite cards. Other members will be able to master it for rewards - and every time they do, YOU get one choice special and one choice regular!
Once every six weeks, you can be lazy and get all the rewards for a set of biweekly games without playing them. :p Send Rahenna a forum PM to redeem this prize.
Access a small set of bonus weekly and monthly games. Ooh. :3

skill tree

In the past, Starseed Powers were purchased according to level rules. There are no more level requirements. BUT that doesn't mean you can just go and buy the most powerful skill right away! If you're a gamer, you may have encountered a skill tree before, and you probably know how it works. If you don't have experience with skill trees, here's the basics!

Look at the graphic below. There are three powers in the top row: Cooperation, Hunting, and Meditation. Notice how they have lines coming out of the bottom that connect them to other powers. This shows that the top level power is a prerequisite for any one it touches. For example, you can't buy Collection until you have Cooperation. The skill tree links related skills together to form a logical path of development. :D

What about a power like Visionary that's all the way at the bottom? You can see that Freebie Frenzy and Stargathering point to it, so you'll need those two powers first. But you can't get Freebie Frenzy and Stargathering without Collection! And you can't get Collection without Cooperation! So even though it seems like you only need 200SP to get Visionary, it's actually a lot more:

Cooperation (50) + Collection (75) + Freebie Frenzy (150) + Stargathering (150) + Visionary (200) = 625 total

Better start saving up now. XD

power up!

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