staff pay

These random cards are for staff pay only. Each staff member can take their pay once per week. It doesn't matter what day of the week you choose to take your pay on, as long as you only take it once per week.

You do not need to comment when you pick up your staff pay. Just grab and enjoy!

weekly staff pay

take SIX cards:
- Gosia (stamp cards)
- Hotaru (themed collect)
- Lethe (card swap)
- Marfisa (Rahenna's slave)
- Suza (lost cards)

take THREE cards:
- Nammy (activity checker)
- Samichan (power up)

staff pay: fakefortunes04, marscrystal13, marsstar07, myloveshand02, mytowel06, thatsyourkid11


Rahenna: 400decks07, catattack14, cruelvisions14, isthisedible07, jupiterpower08, lakemonsters05, mydearfriend02, ropeningonea07, therapykisstwo06, tinyguardian07, wastedeffort12, worldshaking01, faith15, kaguya04, water11, 2 regular coupons, 1 special coupon, 15 Starseeds