about moonlight legend

Moonlight Legend is an online TCG (trading card game) focusing on the Sailor Moon series. In this case, the game is played online with virtual cards. But that doesn't mean it's any less fun than actual card collecting! In your quest to master card sets and level up, you'll get to play games, enter contests, be creative, and interact with other members.

In this game, you take on the role of a Sailor Soldier who is trying to grow in power. Instead of battling, you'll play SM-related games that will test your knowledge of the anime, or just present a fun challenge!


Cards are the heart of the game. One of your major goals in the TCG is to collect complete sets of cards (mastering). All cards come in sets of 15.

Regular cards feature anime images, and special cards feature color manga images.
Here's some examples.

regular cards: Each is worth ONE toward your total card value.

special cards: Each is worth TWO toward your total card value.


Coupons are like IOUs for cards. There are two types, regular and special. Each one can be used to get a choice card at the coupon exchange.

starseed points & powers

Everyone has a Starseed, right? Well, some are more powerful than others, and here is how you can enhance the power of YOUR Starseed. Games and activities will also give out Starseed Points that you can use to purchase new powers!

This is a complex topic, so please visit the special page I've created.
Starseed Powers explanation & tracker


Level is determined by the VALUE of your cards, not the number of cards you have.

level card value level card value level card value
One 0-200 Six 1101-1400 Eleven 3000-3500
Two 201-400 Seven 1401-1700 Twelve 3501-4000
Three 401-600 Eight 1701-2000 Thirteen 4001-4500
Four 601-800 Nine 2001-2500 Fourteen 4501-5000
Five 801-1100 Ten 2501-3000 Legend 5001+

Once you reach Legend level, you can get rewards for every 500 card worth.
- Legend +1 >> 5500 worth
- Legend +2 >> 6000 worth
- and so on

Each level up earns:
- three choice regular cards
- eight random regular cards
- two random special card

You can claim these rewards by filling out the Level Up Form.


When you collect all of the cards in a set, you are considered a master of that set. The rewards are different for mastering regular and special decks, because specials are worth more and are rarer.

Each regular mastery earns:
- one choice regular card
- two random regular cards
- one random special card

Each special mastery earns:
- one choice special card
- three random regular cards
- one random special card

You can claim these rewards by filling out the Mastery Form.