wiki leap

Have you ever looked something up on Wikipedia (or even worse, TVTropes... omg) and ended up clicking through a ton of different links, finally ending up on an article that's completely different from where you started? That's what this contest is about! :D

Your mission is to find the shortest route between two articles. Each month, I'll give you a starting and ending point. Follow links in each article to form a path. This is called a wiki leap or wiki walk by some people. It's fun!


If it doesn't make sense, here's an example! I'll demonstrate a path between two subjects that are dear to my little fangirl heart. We'll go from Cillian Murphy (my imaginary boyfriend favorite actor) to Sailor Moon (my favorite anime). Let's say Cillian's article is step zero because that's the starting point. How many clicks does it take to get to Sailor Moon?

Here's the path I came up with! It's not the shortest (6 clicks), but this is just an example. XD

0. Cillian Murphy
1. 28 Days Later
2. Graphic Novel
3. Tankobon
4. List of Manga Magazines
5. Nakayoshi
6. Sailor Moon

this round's challenge!

Here's the starting and ending points for this round. :3

start: Sailor Venus ... end: Kiplinger's Personal Finance

The submission deadline is October 15!
Please number your links as shown above. Use ZERO for your starting point.

When you've finished your wiki leap, send it in! You can list the items as links or just as the titles of the articles. It doesn't matter how you list them as long as I can follow your links to retrace the path. :3

note: There is a site that will find the shortest wiki leap automatically. Any paths that are identical to the path given by that site will be disqualified. This is supposed to be fun and creative. Please enter only if you will enjoy the challenge. :3

your path:  

past winners!

Last theme was...

start: Sailor Jupiter ... end: Trampoline

First Place - Melissa (3 links)

Second Place - Hotaru (5 links)

Third Place - Mariko (7 links)