Starseed Slots

Longtime ML member Jenphi has built us an upgraded slot machine! You know you want to try it. :D

Here's how it works!
You get one play. In that play, you get anywhere from one to six spins. One spin is free - every other spin costs a Starseed, up to five Starseeds. When you play the slots, you will see the ONE best spin and receive that reward.

But watch out!
If a spin contains Queen Beryl, your prizes for that spin are cancelled out! What's the best way to avoid this? Bet some Starseeds to get more spins, of course - you win the prize associated with your BEST spin, not the worst!

Note: You may play the slot machine once per update. If you wager less than the maximum of five Starseeds, you cannot keep playing until you reach that limit. Please respect the machine or it might break!

the machine is waiting...

Wager: x

possible prizes:

So, you want to know how to win around here? Look for these winning combinations!

jackpot! large prize
medium prize medium prize
x1 or x2
small prize small prize
x1 or x2
consolation prize NO prize!
any combination without + anything