mini mastery

Mini mastery is a fun monthly challenge that tests your card hunting abilities. Every month, I will select a theme, and a pool of 10 to 15 cards that fit the theme will be displayed here. The theme could be anything - male characters, silly faces, a particular color - so you never know what you'll get!

Your challenge is to collect FIVE of those cards before the month ends.

January theme: Usagi's funny faces!

This theme is by Rahenna. :D


1. Each round runs for one calendar month. Check back on the first of the month for a new theme!

2. You only need to collect FIVE of the themed cards to claim a mini mastery.

3. You must earn at least three of the five cards from games or through trading. The others can be obtained through coupons, level up, mastery, or any other activity that awards choice cards. (In the past you had to get all five from games or trading, so no crying! :p)

4. Once you complete a mini mastery set, you CANNOT trade any of the cards again. EVER.

5. Please keep your mini mastery cards in an easy to find section on your site so I can verify your mastery. It would be helpful if you kept a log of how you earned the five cards as well.

get rewards!

If you've collected five of the themed cards shown above, fill out this form to get your prizes! Be sure to leave your mini mastery cards up where I can find them easily - and remember, you can't trade them once they're mastered!