member cards

Please note that this area is for member card rules only. Everyone should have a member card! If I haven't posted yours yet, please watch for it in the next update - they're always announced along with new members!


1. Member cards are worth ZERO toward your card count. This means that you cannot include them in your stamp card trades.

2. HOWEVER, once you learn the Starseed Power of Cooperation, all member cards you have already collected and all that you collect in the future will be WORTH ONE. When this happens, you can add one stamp to your stamp cards for EACH member card you already have, and for every member card trade you make in the future.

3. Member cards cannot be mastered. Sorry.

4. If a member quits the game, their member card is retired and it cannot be obtained. Of course, if you already have it, you may keep it! Since TCGs often have high turnover (hey, it happens!), try to get as many as you can when a new card is released!


last updated: September 20, 2014


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