Okay, I'm running low on icons for the front page, and I know you guys are talented. Won't you help me out? :D

The only rules are:
1. Maximum of TWO entries per person. (Just one is okay too!)
2. Anime or manga images ONLY, please. No live action or Myu.
3. Upload the icon to a place that doesn't have link protection so I can download it easily. :D

Icons are 100x100 images that have been edited to make them more appealing.
Do NOT submit larger, unedited images.

Examples of 100x100 icons...

theme & submission form

This round's icon theme is STARLIGHTS!
Make an icon featuring one (or more!) of the Sailor Starlights! WHEE

The submission deadline is September 15!

info! This contest awards a participation prize. There is also voting and the top 3-5 entries (depending on the level of participation) will get an additional reward. Just FYI, in case you are shy about entering voted contests. :3

Icon 1
Icon 2

past winners! (Crisis Make Up!)

First Place - Anne!

Second Place - Anne, Melissa!

Third Place - Vermillion!

Fourth Place - Vermillion!

Fifth Place - none!