Time to maaaaaaaaake up! Oh, sorry, I meant dress up. In this contest, there will be a monthly theme, and your job is to create a doll that best fits the theme!

We'll be using the eLouai Candy Bar doll maker for this game. Here's some links!
- girl doll builder
- boy doll builder

1. The doll you make MUST be from one of the doll makers linked above.
2. No choosing things from the full body section. Make your own outfit!
3. ONE entry per person!
4. You are not required to use a background image.
5. To save your doll, take a screenshot and upload it to your site. :D

theme & submission form

This round's theme is VENUS!
Create a doll of Minako or Sailor Venus! :D

The submission deadline is September 15!

info! This contest awards a participation prize. There is also voting and the top 3-5 entries (depending on the level of participation) will get an additional reward. Just FYI, in case you are shy about entering voted contests. :3


past winners! (Dark Kingdom)

First Place - Anne!

Second Place - Hotaru & Melissa!

Third Place - none!

Fourth Place - none!