fame and fortune

This is where members can be blessed by the Starseed Power of Fame and Fortune! It benefits everyone, not just members with the power, so check it out!

Reminder of what Fame and Fortune does: Create a mini mastery deck of your five favorite cards. Other members will be able to master it for rewards - and every time they do, YOU get one choice special and one choice regular!

If you master someone else's Fame and Fortune mini-deck, you get a choice special. If someone masters YOUR deck, you get a choice regular and a choice special! All rewards will be given in the form of coupons, by the way. :3

- Once you claim mastery, you cannot trade the cards.
- You can only master each set one time. No collecting Rahenna's set 16 times. :p
- YES, you can master your own set for double rewards. Of course, you can only do this once. XD

the famous!

Here's the complete list of mini decks for your viewing (and mastering) pleasure!

Chii - Legendary Romance