The fun stuff! The biweekly games are automatically updated on the specified day. If a biweekly game does not show up, please post in the News & Info area on the forum to let me know I've forgotten to update the database! For a monthly game, just be patient! They are updated as close to the first of the month as possible.

- All answers are given in lowercase, with no spaces or punctuation.
- If an answer contains numbers, use the digits instead of words (30 instead of thirty).
- All civilian names are first name only. If a character has a title (Sailor, Princess), include it.
- All names and spellings are taken from The Oracle.

biweekly set one (September 20)

Game Description
Puzzle fix this picture fast!
Mega Memory a supersized memory game! :3
Hangman test your Sailor Moon vocabulary :p
You're So Vain whose vanity plate is this?
Warped which card got mangled?
Episode Guess so... when did this happen?
Lottery choose your lucky numbers
War a simple game of chance :3


biweekly set two (September 27)

Game Description
Jigsaw can you assemble this tricky puzzle?
Freebies everyone's favorite!
Lucky Match feeling lucky, punk?
Lost Letters fill in the blanks :3
Relationships how is this person related to others?
Mystery Beast wow, what is this thing?
Zoom this picture is way too close!
Starseed Slots are you willing to take a risk?

monthly (September)

Game Description
Puzzle Series assemble them all!
Mini Mastery collect five themed cards
Fallen Phrases figure out the quote!
Super Scramble Ami has a tough puzzle for you!

contests (September)

Game Description
Icontest icon + contest = icontest!
Henshin! it's more like dress up than make up
Wiki Leap how quickly can you get there?
Voting! vote on contest entries ♥

ongoing activities

Game Description
Themed Collect assemble a themed deck
Card Swap swap cards for something new
Lost Cards claim cards left by the fallen
Fame and Fortune mini-decks made by other members!
Member Cards review member card information
Starseed Powers review Starseed information
Stamp Cards get your rewards here!
Donate feeling crafty? donate some graphics!

use your powers

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