- Please fill out the form once for each set you have mastered.
- Please use the full name of your choice card. Example: uranusplanet01
- Remember! You get a choice regular for mastering a regular set, or a choice special for mastering a special set!

name:name: I need to know who you are so your mastery gets entered in the right place in the Hall of Fame. :3
email:email: Just in case I have a question about your mastery.
mastered:mastered: Which set did you master? You can enter it with capital letters and spaces. Remember, you can only master one set at a time with this form. :)
set type:set type: Are you mastering a regular or special deck? Check if special
choice card:choice card: You get one regular card for mastering a regular set! Or one special card for mastering a special set! Please use the full name of the card. Example: uranusplanet01