level up

- Please fill out the form ONCE for EACH level you have earned.
- All fields are required, so please fill them all in.
- Your choice cards MUST be regulars.
- Each choice card must by typed in full. Example: uranusplanet01

level card value level card value level card value
One 0-200 Six 1101-1400 Eleven 3000-3500
Two 201-400 Seven 1401-1700 Twelve 3501-4000
Three 401-600 Eight 1701-2000 Thirteen 4001-4500
Four 601-800 Nine 2001-2500 Fourteen 4501-5000
Five 801-1100 Ten 2501-3000 Legend 5001+

name:name: I need to know who you are so you can be moved to the right level on the member list. :3
email:email: Just in case I have a question about your level up.
new level:new level: Please refer to the table above to choose the right level. If you've gained more than one level, please submit one form for each so you get the right amount of rewards!
choice regular 1:choice regular 1: You get three regular cards of your choice for each level up. What do you choose? Please use the full name of the card. Example: uranusplanet01
choice regular 2:choice regular 2: See note for choice regular 1. :3
choice regular 3:choice regular 3: See note for choice regular 1. :3