stars scenes

Falling Shards

New Power

Big Bang

Remember Duty

Eternal Power

Skilled Shot

Cute Hypnosis

Into the Abyss

I'm Your Shield

Rose of Memory

No Sacrifices

Changed Reality

A Queen Reborn

Not That Strong


Boing Boing

Sassy Mouse

Shameless Flirt

Hyper Power Jet

Phone of Doom

Derpy Date

First Time

Iron Mouse Falls

Lost Umbrella

Unlikely Officer

Odd Introduction

Lake Monsters

Get Off Me!

My Towel

Rude Heroes

Saw Your Secret

Enhanced Tiare

Starlights Revealed

They're All Senshi!

Seiren Falls

Game Idol One

Game Idol Two

Idol Dreams

Fierce Crow

True Starseed

Crow Falls

Kakyuu Appears

Legendary Senshi

Sing to Me

Half Healed

Good Enough

Final Stage

Nyanko Falls

Galaxia Strikes

Final Blow

Fallen Princess



No Starseed

Fade Away

A Warm Light

Reluctant Warrior

Power of Chaos

Fly, My Soul

Shattered Blade

Silver Light

Dark and Light

Take My Hand

Stars Reborn


It's the End