sms scenes


Rod Appears

Cool Stranger

Cookie Crisis

Trick Lemon

Kiss Kiss

My Love's Hand

Contest Dropouts

Contest Winners

Bike Accident

Let's Ride

Innocent Heart

A New Look

Holding Back

A True Race

Watery Attack

Hiding Out

Defending Honor

Into the Sunset

Glass Slippers

Sailor Venusmoon

Pink Sugar Fail

We Are Sneaky

Goldfish Stall

The Flasher

Science Tea

All Hiragana?!

Snack Thief

Get Stronger

Fated Meeting


Art Class

Masanori's Gift

Nice to Meet You!

Partner Swap

Volleyball Ace

Proof of Purity

Your Hands

We Go Alone

Mirror Appears

Sword Appears

Sticky Situation

Grail Appears

Race for the Grail

Snail Sabotage

A New Friend

Strange Power

Our Mission

Warped Reality


Pull the Plug

The Purest Heart

Daimon Rain

Mystic Barrier

Time Stop


Filthy Human

Human Shield

Take the Grail

Into Enemy Hands

Hotaru's Will

Returned Heart

Saturn's Duty



Saturn Reborn

Earned Respect