sm scenes

Poor Kitty!

You Should Study

Thirty Points?!

A Talking Cat

Moon Revealed

Not Your Mom

I Did It!

Evil Fortunes

Pink Panties

Midnight Zero

Sleeping Lesson

First Disguise


Scale Drama

Haruna's Secret

Hunger Fantasy


I Hate Cats!

Girl Gamer

Mercury Revealed

Let's Go Shopping

Time Distortion

Mars Revealed

Dream Princess

Choo Choo!

Stone Snake

Captain Jadeite

Romance Fail


Handmade Gift

Masked Impostor

Beach Bums

Twin Power

Dream Dance

Shall We Dance?

Stolen Kiss

Unlikely Rescue

Not So Evil

Nephrite Falls

Naru's Grief

To the Rescue

Amazing Lunch

Dreamy Guy

Tough Girl

Jupiter Revealed

Artist at Work


Demon Sketch

Sweet Melody

My Sweet Rose

Wasted Effort


Fake Fortunes

Cat Attack

Wall of Rats

Too Many Rats

Tuxedo Umino

It's a Trap!

Venus Arrives

V is Venus?!

Mamoru's Story

We Will Survive

The Guardian

Princess Revealed

Princess Power

Locket of Love

A Lost Past

Too Much Power

Get a Grip

Beautiful Death

Beautiful Revenge

Keep Fighting

Artemis Exposed

Princess Graduation

Skating Envy

Elegant Skater

Skating Pro

Road Trip

One on One


Final Mission

Kicking Butt

Last Dance

Jealous Queen

Into the Air


For the Future

Jupiter Falls

Mercury Falls

Venus Falls

Mars Falls

I Must Fight

Remember Me

Fallen Prince

I Believe One

I Believe Two